TOOL... Board Timelining ...for Photoshop

(  o)(o  )Board Timelining!
8 buttons for Storyboarding with Photoshop's Timeline window.
New Timeline File~
-Creates a blank board template file with video layers ready for timeline boarding.

Timeline To Comps
-Automatically converts all the Timeline Frames into LayerComps named the same as the frames. From there you can easily export your panels. It also saves a backup file of your intact Timeline for revising work later.

Prev Frame
-Steps back one Timeline Frame.

Next Frame
-Steps forward one Timeline Frame.

Clear Keys
-Removes all keys from the selected Layer.

Go To Sel Lyr
-Moves the Playhead to the start frame of the selected layer.

Prev Key
-Steps to previous keyframe of the selected layer.

Next Key
-Steps to the next keyframe of the selected layer.