TOOL... Timeline ...for Flash/Animate


A panel of 20 commonly used commands related to using symbols.  Both colours of skins included. Light grey skin(classic Macromedia style) or Black skin (new Adobe style)

5 Enter and Exit Symbol Commands:
Enter to Current Frame

Exit to Current Frame

Exit to Enter Frame

Enter With New Instance
-duplicates current frames inside the symbol to the last frame

Exit With New Instance
-sets the symbol's instance number to the current frame as it exits

5 Modify Symbol Commands:
Duplicate Symbol

Swap Symbol(s)
-Swaps multiple selected symbols with the selected symbol in the library. Retains instance numbers.

Reset Transformation Point(s)

Duplicate Transformation points 
-Matches a series of frames' points to the first frames' point so animation at different arcs is possible

Move Registration Point
-Moves all art inside the symbol to recenter the Symbol

10 Symbol Instance Commands: (work with multiple frame selection)
Instance Single Frame

Instance Play Once

Instance Loop

Instance -100

Instance -10

Instance -1

Instance +1

Instance +10

Instance +100

Instance Sync To Timeline
-After adjusting timing, this will match the instance number of the selected symbol(s) to the frame number they are on.