TOOL... Board Creating ...for Photoshop


Converts Photoshop into an actual storyboarding program with this set of 24 commands for creating and saving multiple panels.  Immensely simplifies the Exporting process and boosts the functionality of Photoshop's LayerComps (Comps).  The automatic file and panel numbering takes the pain out of creating panels in the intended order.  Master files are automatically created as the first panels of each shot for easy revising. These tools are known as the poor man's Flix(an existing Storyboard program costing studios around $100 000.00). 

Works with LayerComps (Comps) in PSDs with 5 numeral filename naming convention.

Hold Shift Key with all actions that have "~" after the name. This is for using the '00001's naming convention. Default is '00100's, which is useful when adding new panels later. Its far more versatile than using 'a's and 'b's as suffixes.
*Shift = 00001, 00002, 00003... *No Shift(default) = 00100, 00200, 00300...

New File~
-Creates an ideal storyboard template, favored by dozens of artists and several studios at any desired aspect ratio, dimensions, resolution with any desired margin size. It is also standardized to work with Flix. Should you require a change to the template, the parameters are fully customizable in the script file. Message W( o)(o )tie for support if needed! BG art can be drawn on the transparent "BG" layer which is better than drawing on Photoshop's default "Background" layer because it has no white fill, which is now consolidated in the FG/Template layer as less layers is better when storyboarding. (Hold Shift for 1s naming convention)

New Comp~ 
-Creates a new comp and auto names it. When making a new comp in between two others, it will generate the number that is half way in between the selected comp and the next one. So for a panel between 00100 and 00200, select 00100 first, then New Comp~ will create 00150 in between them. Auto sorting rather than dropping the new comp to the bottom of the comp list. The LayerComp options: Visibility, Position and Appearance are on, for more efficient storyboarding, making pans, reuse of art layers, etc. See Update Lyr - Comps for solutions to any concerns. (Hold Shift for 1s) 

 <<Prev Comp / Update
-Selects your previous comp, but also updates the comp first, to keep your changes, which actually saves alot of time in a day.

Next Comp>>  / Update
-Selects your next comp, but also updates the comp first, to keep your changes, which actually saves alot of time in a day.

New Thumbs File
-Creates a sheet of small panels for your first, fast pass storyboarding. The panel templates are in the same format for converting back to regular panels. 

Thumbs to Comps
-Converts the thumbnail panels back into Comps at the regular size. Make sure you only use the two layers 'BG' and 'Layer 1'.

Thumb Dupe
-Duplicates the selected art exactly one panel to the right. So convenient for keeping BG art lined up from panel to panel, even after the conversion back to comps.

Thumb Dupe Return
-Same as Thumb Dupe, but for passing the far right panels to to the panel next row down on the far left.

Layers To Comps
-Quickly makes selected layers into comps. Ex. If you have 3 poses of a character with "BG" layer visible, select the 3 character layers. Then clicking Layers To Comps creates 3 comps with 1 pose per comp and BG visible on all comps.

Tween Comps
-Ideal for making lush multiplane pans or showing a character walk with even increments. Using the bottom two comps as start and stop positions, this will create even in-betweens of the two panels. You choose how many.  It also tweens FX, like opacity.

Files To Comps
-Combines all opened files  into your first opened file as comps. This also moves the individual comps of each file and retains the comps' names.

Dupe Comp(s)
-Select any number of comps in your list and this will duplicate them to the bottom of the comp list.

Save To Jpeg 
-Quickly exports a Jpeg of the current comp, named the same as the comp. And saves it to a Jpeg folder in the current folder.

Save All To Jpeg
-Creates a Jpeg for all the files in the current save folder. Also passes the Dial from comp's text layer to the file's metadata. 

Rename As Next~ 
-Looks in your recent save folder and renames all comps as the next number in sequence, using the 5-numeral-by-100s naming convention. (Hold Shift for 1s). 

Rename All~ 
-Looks in your recent save folder and renames all files AND their nested comps wih fresh names starting at 1, using the 5-numeral-by-100s naming convention. (Hold Shift for 1s). 

Save All Dialogue
-A fast and efficient way to add dialogue to your storyboard is with the file's metadata (the Headline). Do this with either Adobe Bridge or Preview(mac) for all your panels, then Save All Dialogue passes the Headlines to a new text layer inside each file in the save folder.

Save All To Pdf 
-Selects all the files in the current save folder and exports a Pdf to that folder. 

Rename Comps~ 
-Renames all comps with the 5-numeral-by-100s naming convention. Which is a standard (Hold Shift for 1s).
Update Lyr - Comps

-Need a layer visible on all comps? This does that instantly, and more! It also updates the position of the layer art and the FX on that layer, like opacity. 

Save Comps
-Quickly saves all layercomps as files with the same name, overwriting the old version files in the save folder. The first file of each shot is saved as a Master file, the rest have only the one comp in them. A recommended workflow is to only open this Master file when revising the shot. Also passes the Dial from comp's text layer to the file's metadata. 

Save Selected Comps~
-Saves all layercomps as new files with the next available number in the save folder. Also copies Dialogue text to the file's metadata.