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This tool converts Adobe Photoshop and Bridge into an actual storyboarding program with this set of 24 commands for creating and saving multiple panels.  Immensely simplifies the Exporting process and boosts the functionality of Photoshop's LayerComps (Comps).  The automatic file and panel numbering takes the pain out of creating panels in the intended order.  Master files are automatically created as the first panels of each shot for easy revising. These tools are known as the poor man's Flix(an existing Storyboard program costing studios around $100 000.00).

Works with LayerComps (Comps) in PSDs with 5 numeral filename naming convention and connects with your active Bridge window.

Hold Shift Key with all actions that have "~" after the name. This is for using the '00001's naming convention. Default is '00100's, which is useful when adding new panels later. Its far more versatile than using 'a's and 'b's as suffixes.
*Shift = 00001, 00002, 00003... *No Shift(default) = 00100, 00200, 00300...