TOOL... Board Managing ...for Photoshop

Significantly speed up your workflow with this set of 32 Commonly used commands related to Managing your storyboards

Pan Guides
-preps your scene for a camera move. Gives you a START, STOP, and WHITEY layer, all on a new panel to indicate a Pan and/or Truck In/Truck Out.

Merge 2 New Panel
-duplicates all visible layers and merges them to a new layer. Good for creating motion blurred panels for camera moves, or applying other FX to all your art layers at once.

White Layer
-simulates onion skinning by adding a "WHITE" locked layer filled with white at 80% alpha

Tone Layer
-adds a "TONE" layer of black and sets the layer opacity.

Crop Out
-widens the canvas to see art past the Frame, then Zooms out conveniently

Crop to Template
-crops to the Frame of the FG/Template layer, does not delete any art past the frame, then Zooms to Fit conveniently

Green Layer
-simulates green screening by creating a new locked layer that is filled with green

Dupe Layer
-duplicates the currently selected Layer(s) with no other window popping up.

Rename Lyrs - Same
-Renames the selected layers the same as the bottom most selected layer.

Rename Lyrs - 1,2,3
-Renames the selected layers the same as the bottom most selected layer AND adds a number after it. 

Delete Dupe BG & FRAME Layers
-deletes all layers named FG/Template and BG except one of each, puts FG on top layer and BG on bottom, then Shows those layers on all LayerComps. Works awesome with Flix.

Delete Dupe Layers
-deletes all layers named the same as the currently selected layer, then Shows that layer on all LayerComps

Tidy Up File
-Deletes layers that are not used in any Layercomps
-Deletes empty layers
-Makes sure the FG/Template layer is at a lock setting compatible with Flix(a separate storyboard program).

1/3s Guides
-sets a grid of guides (at thirds) that is most useful in cinematic composition

Delete Guides
-hides the guides

-clears the art from the layer
-retains the layercomp information. Great for cleaning up rough boards